Crossover Capacitors

When replacing a capacitor in an existing printed circuit crossover board, order the same capacitance value (in uF - microfarads) as the original.    Our Audiophiler capacitors are rated at a maximum of 400 volts, which offers significant margin over typical voltages found in audio speaker circuits.   

If you wish to create a basic first order crossover for a horn or tweeter using a single capacitor, use the following table to determine your crossover frequency, based on the impedance of the horn/tweeter, and the capacitance of the crossover capacitor.  (Crossover frequencies have been rounded off).

Capacitor Value

2 ohms 4 ohms 8 ohms 16 ohms
1.0uF 80,000Hz* 40,000Hz* 20,000Hz* 10,000Hz
2.2uF 36,000Hz* 18,000Hz* 9,000Hz 4,500Hz
3.3uF 24,000Hz* 12,000Hz 6,000Hz 3,000Hz
4.7uF 16,800Hz* 8,400Hz 4,200Hz 2,100Hz
6.8uF 11,600Hz 5,800Hz 2,900Hz 1,450Hz
10uF 8,000Hz 4,000Hz 2,000Hz 1,000Hz
Frequencies marked with a (*) are effectively beyond the range of normal human hearing
  Crossover Capacitors    

MKP Audiophiler audio grade non-polarized crossover capacitors made in Germany.   These are the highest quality crossover capacitors available today.  Rated at 400V, for plenty of headroom in high-wattage applications. Values include 1uF, 2.2uF, 3.3uF, 4.7uF, 6.8uF, and 10uF.  All MKP Audiophiler capacitors are 31mm long (1.22 inches).   Diameters are as follows:   1uF: 12.6mm, 2.2uF: 16.6mm, 3.3uF: 20.3mm, 4.7uF: 22mm, 6.8uF: 26mm, 10uF: 26mm.    Select capacitor value in Options.
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