Technician Aids

  Technician Aids    

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Removing and installing strain reliefs can be a frustrating job.   Standard pliers just don't get the job done and can damage the strain relief.   These special strain relief pliers are just what you need.  They fit perfectly on AC power cord strain reliefs and give you the leverage you need to compress the strain relief for easy removal and installation, without damage.
Part #YTH-205

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You know you want one!   Bend resistors to fit in PC boards, perf boards, or turret boards exactly, uniformly.  Makes your repairs and kit builds look completely professional.   Works great on vintage Fender® Blackface and Silverface models.   One side is for 1/2 watt resistors, the other side fits 1/4 watt resistors.   Also perfect for diodes.  Slots for radial lead resistors run along the length of the high impact ABS plastic former. Each slot is .05″ longer than the next and has radiused edges to make perfect, square, symmetrical  bends without stressing the leads.
Part #LF-010

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Conductive Silver/Carbon Coating for most surfaces (rubber, epoxy, glass, plastic). It is ideal for repairing membrane buttons, keyboard buttons, and other silver/carbon based surfaces.  No mixing required, unlike some other products on the market.   Repairs membrane buttons, keyboard buttons and other carbon-based surfaces.  Useful on remote control buttons, rubber key contacts on professional musical keyboards, etc.  1.0 gram package - enough for dozens of rubber contact buttons.
Part #KCT-44


High performance, long lasting tip, 3-wire grounded high-performance professional soldering iron, 25 watts, UL approved. Small soldering iron stand with sponge. Pen-type solder dispenser containing quality 60/40 solder.  3S Wick desoldering braid (5' roll). Pro 13" Desoldering Pump. A quality soldering kit for the professional which will stand up to repeated use, and give great results every time!  For use on 110-120VAC System only, as found in North America.
Part #PSTK-1




Kit equips the technician to solder and desolder quickly and effectively. Contains 30 watt economy 3-wire grounded soldering iron, 8" super desoldering pump for removing solder, 3S Wick desoldering braid for cleaning up PC board solder points, a small soldering iron holder with sponge, and a pen-type solder dispenser containing quality 60/40 solder for electronic work. Excellent value!   For use on 110V-120V AC systems only, as found in North America.
Part #BSK-1




High performance, long lasting tip, 3-wire grounded AC cord for safety. 25 watts, UL approved. Rubber sleeve for comfortable grip. Screw-in replaceable tip. A quality iron for the professional which will stand up to repeated use, and give great results every time! Compare the quality and durability with irons costing $20-$30 each.    For use on 110-120VAC System only, as found in North America.   Replacement tip below.
Part #PSI-1



Replacement tip for the PSI-1 soldering iron, above.   Includes hex key wrench to fit the set screw in the soldering iron to facilitate changing the tip.    Part number 060607, $1.99.
Part #060607

Super 13" Desoldering Tool

The Big One! Rugged precision 13 inch desoldering pump. High vacuum for fast, volume desoldering. Uniform reset pressure. Heavy duty plastic.  Compare with models costing many times this price!
Part #SS-1

Desoldering Tool
Metal barrel for rugged, dependable operation!  High vacuum for fast desoldering. Uniform reset pressure.  At 7.5 inches long, it's big enough to do the job and small enough to fit in compact tool boxes and tool pouches.

Part #NBW-74


NTE Solder Wick (25 foot roll) is made from fine copper wire woven together with a no-clean flux formula added to it to increase absorption.

Pure Rosin Type R Flux, Advanced Braid Design, Vacuum Packed, Width: .098", Length: 25', Color: Blue

Part #1817-25F

3-S Brand Desoldering Braid  Braided rosin-filled copper braid for removing solder and cleaning up PC boards. Just place the braid against the solder point and heat with the iron. Draws solder away from the board and into the braid. Clip off the used end and pull fresh braid from the roll. 5 foot of braid is on the roll, good for dozens of desoldering and clean-up projects.  2mm wide (.078")   3-S Braid is made in Switzerland and meets Mil Spec, NASA, and DIN requirements.

Part #3SWICK



60/40 Solder in a Pen Dispenser

Pen-type rosin core solder, 20ga in a convenient pen-type dispenser. Length of solder is 3 meters - about 10 ft. Dispense only what you need. Excellent for electronic work. 

Part #6040P



60/40 Rosin Core Solder, 1/2 lb spool, .031" diameter, from RSR Electronics

RSR Electronics Rosin core solder, 60/40, .031 inch diameter (.79mm) in a 0.5 lb spool (227 grams).  Length of solder is approximately 165 feet, or 50 meters.  Designed for electronic work.   Fast-acting, non-corrosive and non-conductive core flux for fast soldering and a strong, long-lasting bond.
Part #S6040-5



Eurotubes™ Bias Probe™
For 8-pin power tubes such as 6L6 and EL34.   Requires separate digital volt-ohmmeter capable of reading current.  Complete with detailed instructions. More info


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Chopsticks are an old-school, yet indispensable tool on the amp workbench.   They are wooden 1/4" sticks used for probing for intermittent troubles in amplifiers (safe against high voltage as long as they are kept dry!).   They are also useful in inserting into 1/4" jacks to open contacts while cleaning with contact cleaner.  You'll find dozens of uses for them in the shop.  8 inches long, 1/4 inch in diameter.   Pack of 3 chopsticks.

Part #CSK-3

(For a pack of 3 sticks)



Pack of extra-long cotton swabs (6" length, wooden stick).   Great for a variety of uses, including cleaning in those hard to reach locations, or applying lubricant or adhesive.  The long length makes these perfect for those hard-to-reach areas in guitar amps, power amps, mixers, and guitar electronics cavities.  Also great for cleaning cassette decks, VCRs and CD or DVD players.  Use on audio heads, CD/DVD lasers, rollers, guides and other devices in the tape path. 

Part #CCS-100 (100 Pack) $3.69

(100 Pack)

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Electronic devices mounted on heatsinks don't require a lot of thermal conduction grease, but they do require a small dab to ensure that they won't overheat.   This pack contains sufficient amount for one application.
Part #HSC-1


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